10:00hrs – 11:00hrs on all working days

Heads of Department :

Between 10:00hrs to 11:00hrs --(by prior appointment only if coming on non PTM days)

Faculty :

To meet teachers on other than PTM days , a parent must seek prior appointment . Meeting hours will be as follows:
Classes I-XII : between 14:00hrs--- 14:30 hrs
Pre Primary classes : between 1300 hrs -1400hrs

Transport Queries:

08:30 hrs – 09:30hrs (only Wednesdays)

Book Shop:

09:00hrs – 11:00 hrs on all working days


10:00hrs – 12:00 hrs ( all working days)

Vendors :

After 14:30hrs only

Rules for Visitors :

  • Visitors must make an entry in the visitor’s diary at the gate, collect Visitors card and slips and report directly to the Reception first.
  • Parents must carry Parents’s ID Cards issued by the school to gain access inside the school premises . All applications for queries, appointments, requests for admissions etc. may be put in the drop box placed at the guard room. No anonymous notes will be entertained.
  • Parents are strictly forbidden from entering class rooms other than on PTM days.
  • Visitors are advised to switch off their cell phones before entering any office Visitors must come formally dressed inside the school premises.