1. Depending on the vacancies available, posts are first advertised in both local and national dailies as also placed on the web site.
  2. Applications are screened for determining eligibility of age, qualification and subject specialization as per CBSE / Govt rules.
  3. Further screening and selection process is as follows :
    • Written proficiency test
    • Interview
    • Lesson demonstration( for teaching posts only)

    Fluency in English and competency in IT skills is an essential criterion for all posts.

  4. The selected candidates are accordingly offered the post and placed on probation for a period of one /two years before confirmation against suitable grades/scales of pay.

Temporary/ ad –hoc / contract services :

These are offered for different lengths of time as per school requirements for a specified period of time . Long term contract services are also offered on annual renewable basis for various administrative duties to retd. servicemen and professionals where suitable candidates in the eligible age group are not available.