A defining characteristic of the curriculum followed at Vishwa Bharati Public School is the way we focus on integrating our mission and values into every aspect of the school programme. We attempt to combine challenging experiences with academic rigor and creative opportunities keeping in mind the basic mission to educate individuals to take responsibility for shaping a better world.

The curriculum is holistic and focuses on development of multiple intelligences at all levels—analytical,practical, creative and emotional so as to nurture well balanced, perceptive individuals who can make a difference to themselves and others.

We believe that an ambitious curriculum cannot be confined to the four walls of the class room.Therefore, equal importance is given to both curricular and co- curricular components which are skillfully interwoven and integrated to give each child a rich experience. Activities such as sports, field trips and excursions, community services, life skills , fine arts , environmental sensitivity, love for languages and technology –all are essential part of the curriculum.

The focus on scholastic and co scholastic programme of the school for different age groups is as follows:

Play school –Blossoms:

The play school provides an informal, warm , natural , friendly and aesthetic ambience where children grow, learn , explore through fun filled activities . The focus is on a socialization process which includes soft skills , confidence building and core values of living together ,accepting the peer group and mutual caring and sharing.

Pre Primary classes ( LKG and SKG):

A child centered , activity based methodology focusing on social, emotional, physical and fine motor skills along with an extended support for writing and reading readiness as a stepping stone to enter in formal school environment.