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Higher Education Career Guidance System

The joy of finishing school is often subdued by the anxiety and apprehension over what is to be done next. Students and parents find themselves fretting over an endless array of career options, best institutes and popular courses, even before the child enters 11th grade.

Higher Education Guidance by Vishwa Bharti Public School

The school not only aims at preparing students academically but also in guiding them towards a rewarding and satisfying career. It is imperative for students to identify their aptitudes, interests, career goals and aspirations in order to make well-informed decisions concerning higher education. To help students in this task, the school has commissioned career counselor, for the sole purpose of guiding and counseling students for higher studies. Students are counseled on:

An array of career options
Finalizing on course and country where the student wants to and can study
Indian and International colleges study options (including USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and others) country where the student wants to and can study
Guidance on preparation of the entrance tests
Timelines & deadlines
Finalization of colleges to apply to and creation of backup options
How to choose between final options – Admission
Scholarships & funding options

Vishwa Bharti Public School has partnered with Univariety – a Singapore based organization that mentors students and ensures that they have multiple higher study options (both domestic and international) to choose from. Univariety provides a support system to the school counselor to manage all the senior students in a systematic manner. Additionally, our students and parents can also interact with the Univariety team of experts continuously through an online system linked to the school website.


We will be launching the higher education support system on 28/Aug/2014 Sessions will be organized wherein the students will be guided on how to use the online support system, create a profile, ask queries and interact with the school counselor along with the Univariety team. Each year, the school will guide the new batches of students on how to effectively take help and utilize the offering.


Students & parents, please click on the below link and let us help you in planning for your higher education.


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