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Visiting Hours

Principal :

10.00hrs – 11.00hrs on all working days

Heads of Department :

Between 1400hrs to 1500hrs --(by prior appointment only if coming on non PTM days)

Faculty :
To meet teachers on other than PTM days , a parent must seek prior appointment . Meeting hours will be as follows:
Classes I-XII :

between 1130hrs--- 1200 hrs

Pre Primary classes : between 1300 hrs -1400hrs
Transport Queries: 0830 hrs – 0930hrs (only Wednesdays)
Book Shop: 0900hrs – 1100hrs on all working days)
Accounts : 1000hrs – 1200 hrs ( all working days)
Vendors : After 1500hrs only


Rules for Visitors :

Visitors must make an entry in the visitors diary at the gate, collect Visitors card and slips and report directly to the Reception first.

All applications for queries, appointments, requests for admissions etc. may be put in the drop box placed at the guard room. No anonymous notes will be entertained.

Parents are strictly forbidden from entering class rooms other than on PTM days.

Visitors are advised to switch off their cell phones before entering any office
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