The goal of Model MUN is to face conflict, through Collaboration not Confrontation, by providing accurate simulation of the real UN.

MUN is conglomeration of Sovereign Nations in the world that provides an opportunity to the delegates to learn the intricacies & nuances & simultaneously teaches them to face challenges with combined efforts. It envisages to converge different ideas, backgrounds, drawn on personal experiences thus enabling them to carve out the most that matters.

Without compromising its ideals and principles, it also drives the Sovereign Nations to handle the mammoth task, against all odds, diligently and patiently.


From its modest inception in 2020, VBPSN-MUN has invested in fostering social consciousness, compassion & leadership qualities amongst students.

We train our students to hone up their skills of research, debate, negotiation and also motivate them to take initiative & responsibility at a tender age. They are empowered to exercise their rights and diplomatic and debating skills to the highest degree & be passionate about their dreams.

VBPSN-MUN will strive for consistent improvement & effort, heralding a new era rich with the values of quality and integrity. We are resolute in making the VBPSNMUN an organization with the sole aim of making this world a better place to live.


Vishwa Bharati Public School, Noida launched its first edition of Model United Nations on 11th October, 2022.
The opening ceremony entailed lighting of the lamp, followed by the Principal's welcome and speech by the guest of honour, Mr. Aditya Anand. The executive board was introduced by the general secretariat. The ceremony was also graced by a welcome choir song as well as a classical fusion dance performance by the middle and senior department students. The day officially began with the principal of the school banging the hammer on the podium desk, and committee sessions finally commenced.
United Nations Security Council - Preventing of arms race in outer space. The committee engaged in intense deliberation upon the agenda, with most questions raised towards the United States of America as to why would the nation produce weapons and deploy them to defence. The delegate of Israel came in support of the United States of America, and skilfully illustrated how the views of both these nations align.
United Nations Commission on the Status of Women - Gender equality broadening the scope of women's leadership and political participation in transition countries.
The delegate of Singapore was questioned by the delegate of Denmark, in reference to Singapore not implementing the polities framed by them in regards to women rights. To which the Delegate of Singapore answered that they shall not be held accountable to fight for every women. At exactly that moment, the whole committee went in a frenzy.
United Nations General Assembly - Human intervention in the arctic and Antarctic exploring, its territorial and environmental consequences with special emphasis on the issue of terra nullius. South Africa called _“the country of Antarctica terra nullius”_. Netherlands and France pointed that Antarctica is neither wholly terra nullius nor a country. A heated argument between EB and France followed for which EB had to personally come to France.
All India Political Party Meet - Discussing the reforms in education sector in India with reference to National Education Policy.
MK Stalin said that decentralization is not an option, it should be both centralised and decentralized on contrary to the NEP 2020, introduced by the central government. He also talked about the discrimination of states in allocating the resources.